Teacher Events


Each year, we pick a night to close our store to the public so we can celebrate YOU, our public school educators, and the amazing work you do! We offer free food, drink, door prizes, and extra discounts. It’s a great opportunity to create a teacher wishlist, learn about new and exciting books, and socialize with your fellow educators.

2023’s Teacher Appreciation Night is scheduled for 6-8 PM on Friday, May 26. Visit our event page for more information. 


Co-owner Ellyn Grimm, hosts a monthly book club, Teacher’s-Only. Put off the start of a new school week and come hang out to talk about new and compelling books. Visit the book club page for more information.

    If you would like to begin the process of buying books with Dog-Eared Books, or if you have questions about any of our school services, please contact Ellyn Grimm, co-owner of Dog-Eared Books and our school sales and support representative.

    Ellyn is a former 7-12 ELA teacher, having taught in the Williamsburg and Ames Community School Districts. She knows educators are some of the most crucial yet undervalued members of our communities, and her mission is to support them in this invaluable work. You can reach her at schools@dogearedbooksames.com.