In/Security: Galactagogue Study

A photographic critique by Suzanne Corum-Rich questioning the effectiveness of lactogenic foods if we don’t also address the root causes of disparities within the birth and family planning system. Having support in place can be the difference between being in security and experiencing insecurity.
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Galactagogue Study

After birthing her first child in 2021, Corum-Rich (she/they) had unanswered questions about her personal experience, which led to curiosity about others’ birthing and family planning stories. During a difficult first few months of bodyfeeding her baby (also referred to as chestfeeding or breastfeeding), she began trying to understand what truly aided in an abundant milk supply and sustainability. How were others able to choose bodyfeeding in a society that often does not lend itself to this possibility? After reading about galactagogues, she wondered how effective these items are if we do not also address society’s lack of basic human rights. Recognizing her limited perspective, she searched for education from a more diverse representation of authors and activists. With each image of a compromised galactagogue, Corum-Rich lists what the benefits of each lactogenic item could be if our system did not forget, compromise, or in some cases, intentionally harm our people. She asks us to imagine what it will take to have a flourishing ecosystem of aid in family planning. 

Meet the Artist


Suzanne Corum-Rich (she/they) has used the storytelling medium of photography since she was a child to document, adapt, and evolve within her ever-changing surroundings and lifestyle as a way to connect to community, check in with her mental well-being, and push back on social norms and systemic injustices.

After carrying, birthing, and caring for their first born in the summer of 2021, Corum-Rich has used her photographic studies to process this tremendous life change along with societal expectations and lack of parental support our country provides. Now, due with their second child in December of 2023, she’ll be focusing on a cyanotype study that observes the overlap of self and child,  processing what it means to continually find and anchor yourself while inevitably fusing with an extension of oneself.

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 Suzanne has provided a list of resources and contributors that informed this project here. Anyone interested in peeking behind the scenes at the materials that inspired the artist will enjoy the information provided.