Women from Other Worlds

When: Monday, June 24 | 5 PM
Where: Dog-Eared Books

Women From Other Worlds Book Club explores the contemporary work of female authors of fantasy and sci-fi. Historically underappreciated in the genre, these writers are now doubtlessly some of its greatest leaders.

This month we are reading Jumpnauts by Hao Jingfang, translated by Ken Liu. The Women From Other Worlds book club will meet at 5 PM on Monday, June 24.

In a future where the world is roughly divided into two factions, the Pacific League of Nations and the Atlantic Division of Nations, tensions are high as each side waits for the other to make a move. But neither side is prepared for a powerful third party that has apparently been an influential presence on Earth for thousands of years—and just might be making a reappearance very soon.

With the realization that a highly intelligent alien race has been trying to send them messages, three rising scientists within the Pacific League of Nations form an uneasy alliance. Fueled by a curiosity to have their questions answered and a fear that other factions within their rival Atlantic Division of Nations would opt for a more aggressive and potentially disastrous military response, the three race to secure first contact with this extraterrestrial life they aren’t quite convinced is a threat.

Bolstered by recent evidence of alien visitations in the distant past, the three scientific minds must solve puzzles rooted within human antiquity, face off with their personal demons, and discover truths of the universe.

Purchase a copy to read, or grab it from the library, and join us for discussion at Dog-Eared Books at 5 PM, on Monday, June 24. This book club is free to anyone who wishes to participate, no registration required

Also, for 20 minutes after each club meeting, you will receive 20% off all books and merchandise!

Want to keep the conversation going after club? Join the Women from Other Worlds Discord server!

Content Warnings for Women From Other Worlds Book Club 2024
Content Warnings for Jumpnauts
Content Warnings for Running Close to the Wind
Content Warnings for The Spear Cuts Through Water
Content Warnings for Finna
Content Warnings for The Space Between Worlds
Content Warnings for The Free People’s Village
Content Warnings for The Dead Cat Tail Assassins

Dates and books of upcoming 2024 Women From Other Worlds Book Club gatherings: 

June 24 at 5 PM
Jumpnauts by Hao Jingfang
July 22 at 5 PM
Running Close to the Wind by Alexandra Rowland
August 26 at 5 PM
The Spear Cuts Through Water by Simon Jimenez
September 23 at 5 PM
Finna by Nino Cipri
October 28 at 5 PM
The Space Between Worlds by Micaiah Johnson
November 25 at 5 PM
The Free People’s Village by Sim Kern
December 30 at 5 PM
The Dead Cat Tail Assassins by P. Djeli Clark


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