Find Your Next Great Read!

Each month, our staff handpicks a title from the best new releases to send your way via our subscription service. Experience the joy of having a surprise title delivered to your doorstep, guaranteed to enrich your reading life and grow your personal library. 


Flexible options available:

  • Subscription Length: Choose from a total of 3, 4, 6, or 12 book deliveries OR auto-renew until you wish to cancel
  • Delivery Frequency: Choose how often you want to receive your book deliveries
  • Gift a subscription by entering your gift recipient’s shipping address at checkout
  • Choose when you would like your subscription to begin


What age range would you suggest for the Puppy Pack?  The Puppy Pack is suitable for ages 0 – 7. 

Can I pick out what books I receive? With each box you will receive a book that has been pre-read and selected by Dog-Eared Books.

There is more than one kid in the family that will be receiving a Puppy Pack, can I get different books? We only offer one selection per month, but the Puppy Pack is perfect for sharing!

Do you offer subscriptions for young adult readers? Not at this time, but stay tuned.

Do you offer other genre-based subscriptions, such as fantasy or mystery? Currently we only offer the genre specific subscription of romance, but stay tuned.