Curriculum & Library Buying

Dog-Eared Books is co-owned by a former public school teacher and employs several former and current educators. We intimately understand and appreciate the work educators do every single day. 

Dog-Eared Books works with districts across the state, utilizing our great depth of knowledge of outstanding literature for all ages, to stock their schools with books that will engage their students while also meeting their curriculum goals and common core requirements. When you do your school book buying through Dog-Eared Books, not only do your tax dollars strengthen the local economy, you also receive expert and personalized service.

We offer school districts a 15 percent discount on all purchases, usually beating our competitors’ prices. In addition to providing your classroom and library books at affordable prices, Dog-Eared Books offers:

  • Up-to-date information on notable and upcoming new releases
  • Curation of titles that build upon themes that meet the mission of your school district
  • Recommendations for titles that replace outdated or culturally-insensitive texts
  • Assistance in finding titles that align with the Iowa Core
  • Access to fundraising opportunities that will benefit your school

“I have absolutely loved working with Dog Eared Books because of the personal attention and recommendations I have gotten from them. With a budget, I definitely wanted to get the biggest bang for my buck. With Dog-Eared Books’ vast knowledge and experience, I was able to get so many new books that my students were actually excited to read in every kid’s hand.”

Jessica Zeiss, Ames High School

If you would like to begin the process of buying books with Dog-Eared Books, or if you have questions about any of our school services, please contact Ellyn Grimm, co-owner of Dog-Eared Books and our school sales and support representative.

Ellyn is a former 7-12 ELA teacher, having taught in the Williamsburg and Ames Community School Districts. She knows educators are some of the most crucial yet undervalued members of our communities, and her mission is to support them in this invaluable work. You can reach her at