We want to support schools and teachers by: 

  • Meeting with you to help curate ideas for new books to add to your curriculum
  • Communicating about new releases that are perfect for your students
  • Offering our expertise in helping your team brainstorm standards that align with new texts and the common core
  • Brainstorming ideas for unit assessments that align with our books suggestions
  • Creating content that supports the work of teachers (read-aloud videos, blog posts, shout-outs, etc.)
  • Planning special events exclusive to educators to celebrate YOU
  • Providing discounts for book set, school media center, and individual purchases (we can usually beat the big-box or Internet company deals and your Iowa tax dollars can stay in Iowa!)
  • Being a resource for any book challenges or concerns that arise in your district
  • Inviting authors to interact with your students (virtually or in person) whenever possible
  • Supporting our teaching friends in any way possible!

If you would like to schedule an appointment, ask questions related to all things reading, or if you would like a quote on a school-related purchase, please email:

Britt Jungck, School Sales & Support