Good Books Young Troublemakers Book Club for Middle School Students

When: Saturday, July 27 | 4 PM
Where: Dog-Eared Books Loft

“Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble.” – Congressman & civil rights activist John Lewis


Good Books Young Troublemakers is a book club where middle school-aged kids read great books and practice speaking up. In GBYT, we create a space for participants to reflect on identity, privilege, and power, and offer tools and practice opportunities to help prepare them to use their voices to respond to moments of injustice, both small and large. In short, we help them learn how to engage in “good trouble”!

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Not only are books fun, but some stories can also help us learn how to think about injustice, use our voices–and be good troublemakers! Join Tanvi and Lou to chat about The Partition Project by Saadia Faruqi

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In this engaging and moving middle grade novel, Saadia Faruqi writes about a contemporary Pakistani American girl whose passion for journalism starts a conversation about her grandmother’s experience of the Partition of India and Pakistan—and the bond that the two form as she helps Dadi tell her story.

When her grandmother comes off the airplane in Houston from Pakistan, Mahnoor knows that having Dadi move in is going to disrupt everything about her life. She doesn’t have time to be Dadi’s unofficial babysitter—her journalism teacher has announced that their big assignment will be to film a documentary, which feels more like storytelling than what Maha would call “journalism.”

As Dadi starts to settle into life in Houston and Maha scrambles for a subject for her documentary, the two of them start talking. About Dadi’s childhood in northern India—and about the Partition that forced her to leave her home and relocate to the newly created Pakistan.

As details of Dadi’s life are revealed, Dadi’s personal story feels a lot more like the breaking news that Maha loves so much. And before she knows it, she has the subject of her documentary.

The July book club pick was sponsored by a community member. But you are welcome to pick up a free copy, purchase a copy to read, or grab it from the library, and join us at Dog-Eared Books, Saturday, July 27, at 4 PM, for the book discussion.

Registration is required each month to participate in the book club. Seats are limited to 10 participants; register today to save a seat. 

Dates and books for upcoming Good Trouble Book Club 2024 gatherings:

July 27 at 4 PM
The Partition Project by Saadia Faruqi
Sponsored by a community member.
August 31 at 4 PM
The Probability of Everything by Sarah Everett
Sponsored by a community member.
September 28 at 4 PM
Falling Short by Ernesto Cisneros
October 26 at 4 PM
A Game of Noctis by Deva Fagan
November 16 at 4 PM
Ellen Outside the Lines by A J Sass
December 14 at 4 PM
Sir Callie and the Champions of Helston by Esme Symes-Smith


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