Artist Reception for “Woman on a Pedestal”

Celebrate Richard Shook’s new art show called “Woman on a Pedestal” with us at Dog-Eared Books! The reception will feature a Q&A and an artist talk where Richard will share some poetry he wrote to accompany his art. For anyone curious about Richard’s artistic process or the themes behind his work this is a great way to learn more.

When: Friday, May 12 at 7-8 PM

Where: Dog-Eared Books Main Floor 

The collection, which will be displayed in store from April 20 to early June, features beautiful paintings of women in daily life and a statue decorated with glass flowers that will make you glad you stopped by.

The paintings are for sale.  Learn more about each piece on Richard’s website

In this collection, Richard Shook observes and values the roles of women, aiming to move beyond a superficial male gaze when painting and sculpting them. His work is an invitation to consider everyone in our lives with greater depth and empathy. To look beyond the surface, to see deeply with honesty and appreciation.

Richard was born in 1955 in Mason City, Iowa. He earned a BA in Art and Design at Iowa State University, where he won the Janice Peterson Anderson award.

After that, he worked as an architectural illustrator, product illustrator, designer, buiding designer, design/build contractor, and craftsman. He designed some prominent buildings, as well as designed and built some unique homes. During that work, he always drew on his own art and design aesthetic, and now he’s returned to his roots as an artist. He tries to be inspired and inventive, to challenge his own conventional thinking.