BIPOC Babes Book Club

A book club for BIPOC folks led by BIPOC folks

BIPOC readers of all genders, join Trinity & Tanvi for a casual book club where we can relax, chat about fiction by BIPOC writers, and maybe enjoy a drink or two in company with one another!

To achieve our goal of creating a safe space for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) to discuss their experiences as represented in literature, the BIPOC Babes book club is for BIPOC readers ONLY. We encourage readers of all racial backgrounds to join us in our Official Dog-Eared Books book club, where we read books representing diverse experiences from diverse authors throughout the year.

The BIPOC Babes Book Club will be held the second Thursday of each month.

The Final Revival of Opal & Nev by Dawnie Walton

WHEN: Thursday, December, 6 PM 
WHERE: Dog-Eared Books 

Opal is a fiercely independent young woman pushing against the grain in her style and attitude, Afro-punk before that term existed. Coming of age in Detroit, she can’t imagine settling for a 9-to-5 job—despite her unusual looks, Opal believes she can be a star. So when the aspiring British singer/songwriter Neville Charles discovers her at a bar’s amateur night, she takes him up on his offer to make rock music together for the fledgling Rivington Records.

In early seventies New York City, just as she’s finding her niche as part of a flamboyant and funky creative scene, a rival band signed to her label brandishes a Confederate flag at a promotional concert. Opal’s bold protest and the violence that ensues set off a chain of events that will not only change the lives of those she loves, but also be a deadly reminder that repercussions are always harsher for women, especially black women, who dare to speak their truth.

Decades later, as Opal considers a 2016 reunion with Nev, music journalist S. Sunny Shelton seizes the chance to curate an oral history about her idols. Sunny thought she knew most of the stories leading up to the cult duo’s most politicized chapter. But as her interviews dig deeper, a nasty new allegation from an unexpected source threatens to blow up everything.

Purchase a copy to read, or grab it from the library, and join us at Dog·Eared Books at 6 PM on Thursday, December 9, to discuss the book with book club hosts Trinity & Tanvi! This book club is free to any BIPOC person who wishes to participate, no registration necessary.

Dates and books of upcoming BIPOC Babes Book Club:

December 9 at 6 PM The Final Revival of Opal & Nev by Dawnie Walton

The BIPOC Babes book club will be ending December 2021.