Cocktails & Convos with Chloe Angyal

Date: Thursday, June 20          Time: 7 PM          Location: Dog-Eared Books Main Floor 

Chloe Angyal pirouetted her way into our hearts with her fiction debut, Pas de Don’t, so we are beyond excited to host an event honoring its sequel, Pointe of Pride! Come join us this June to celebrate this book, drink a special cocktail, and hear all the behind-the-scenes info from the author herself!

The Book: Carly Montgomery has only one goal as she arrives in Sydney, Australia: Be the world’s best maid of honor. And then, when she gets back to New York City, she’s going to figure out how to get promoted so she doesn’t spend the rest of her ballet career in the corps de ballet playing Peasant Maiden #4. But the second she steps off the plane, she runs into trouble—and into Nick Jacobs, the most uptight, judgmental, inconveniently attractive man she’s ever met. And to their mutual horror, Nick is also in Sydney for a wedding. The same wedding. In which he is the best man.
Nick Jacobs is coming back to Sydney with a secret. His life in Paris, where he recently retired from ballet, has fallen apart. With no girlfriend and no new career to speak of, Nick can’t bear to tell his friends at home the humiliating truth. And after fifteen years dancing overseas, what does home even mean anymore? Nick doesn’t want to team up with Carly Montgomery, a human hurricane who creates chaos every time she walks in the room, but sparring with her makes him feel the most alive he’s felt in months. When she asks him for help securing her promotion, he sees an opportunity to kickstart his own flagging career. Looking at Carly through his lens all day starts to change how Nick sees her, and soon, he can’t stop staring. Carly’s a human hand grenade, but suddenly Nick wouldn’t mind pulling the pin. When she finds out the truth about him, though, the explosion might destroy them both.

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Chloe Angyal is the author of the novel Pas de Don’t as well as Turning Pointe: How a New Generation of Dancers Is Saving Ballet from Itself, which the Boston Globe called “incisive and unsparing” and “an important read for ballet lovers and an essential part of any conversation moving forward.” Chloe holds a BA from Princeton and a PhD in arts and media from the University of New South Wales. She lives in Iowa.