Farmers’ Market Story Time with Children’s Author

Brittany Jacobs

Join us for a special children’s story time at the Ames Farmers’ Market on June 3rd at Tom Evans Plaza! Children’s author Brittany Jacob will read her book Duck, Duck, Tiger about a young girl who feels different from those around her and worries no one will like her.  The reading will start at 10 AM.

Date: Saturday, June 3

Time: 10 AM

Location:  Tom Evans Plaza at the Ames Farmers’ Market

The Book

Lili has noticed that she’s different from everyone around her… like she’s a tiger when everyone else seems to be a duck. Should she announce her discovery? She worries that the world doesn’t like tigers. What if no one likes tigers? Inspired by the author’s childhood and lived experiences, Duck, Duck, Tiger is a picture book which explores the difficulties those with marginalized identities face from an early age. Lili’s journey from uneasy feelings to understanding and pride will resonate with readers struggling with their own sense of otherness, championing inclusion.

Brittany R. Jacobs spends her days steeped in books at a library in Southwest Iowa. Learning the art of oral storytelling from childhood, she developed a unique voice that she uses as a writer. A self-taught artist who uses a combination of traditional watercolor and digital art, Brittany blends observation and natural curiosity to create fun and unique art.

When not working at the library, writing, or illustrating, she can be found exploring nature with her wife and dogs, chasing her curiosity as far and fast as she can.