Author Lyz Lenz Signing


Lyz Lenz, an Iowa author and writer, will be signing copies of her 2019 investigative memoir God Land, an examination of religion in middle America and how faith interacts with a deeply divided nation.  

In addition to her books, Lenz has written for the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post and more. Locally, God Land will be read as part of an Iowa State University “Religion in America” course. 


WHEN: Saturday, October 16, 2 PM 
WHERE: Dog-Eared Books 

God Land by Lyz Lenz

In the wake of the 2016 election, Lyz Lenz watched as her country and her marriage were torn apart by the competing forces of faith and politics. A mother of two, a Christian, and a lifelong resident of middle America, Lenz was bewildered by the pain and loss around her―the empty churches and the broken hearts. What was happening to faith in the heartland?

From drugstores in Sydney, Iowa, to skeet shooting in rural Illinois, to the mega churches of Minneapolis, Lenz set out to discover the changing forces of faith and tradition in God’s country. Part journalism, part memoir, God Land is a journey into the heart of a deeply divided America. Lenz visits places of worship across the heartland and speaks to the everyday people who often struggle to keep their churches afloat and to cope in a land of instability. Through a thoughtful interrogation of the effects of faith and religion on our lives, our relationships, and our country, God Land investigates whether our divides can ever be bridged and if America can ever come together.