Meet the Author: Rollie Link

Date: Tuesday, Nov 28           Time: 7 PM           Location: Dog-Eared Books Loft

Rollie Link is at Dog-Eared Books for a lively chat with you about his new book, The Hearse! Rollie is the author of the G&B Detective Agency series, a graduate of Iowa State University, and a former police officer.

At 7 PM in the loft on Tuesday, November 28th, Rollie will give a short reading before giving a conversation about the book with his daughter. Afterward, Rollie will chat with attendees and answer all their burning questions.  During the event, guests can enjoy Moscow mules in honor of an upcoming book by Rollie’s friend Madeline Moscow.

The Book: Omaha, Nebraska has been in the grip of a polar vortex for over a week, driving the temperatures below zero. Job prospects for Detective Carston Hancock III have been as cold as the north wind, few and far between. But as the weather is due to break in the next days, so is Carston’s dry spell. Bar owner Glenda (Glenn) Thompson enters his office with a proposition: the hearse carrying the casket with the body of her uncle, Thomas Gunn, was stolen out front of Spaghetti Works in the Market District the day before. The hook: Glenda offers a five thousand dollar bonus if Carston can find the hearse before the cops do. The race is on. But the cops aren’t the only ones Carston needs to worry about: the Hell Fighter Motorcycle gang is already looking for the stolen hearse as well, and they are willing to take out anyone who gets in their way.