Kim Harms Book Signing

We are thrilled to have Kim Harms, a writer and ISU alumna, at Dog-Eared to meet readers and sign copies of her 2021 guidebook and memoir Life Reconstructed: Navigating the World of Mastectomies and Breast Reconstruction.

WHEN: Thursday, January 20, 6 PM 
WHERE: Dog-Eared Books 

Life Reconstructed by Kim Harms

It’s a resource perfect for those with a family history of breast cancer, a breast cancer survivor, someone in the midst of treatment, or for those wanting to support someone they love.  

Harms was diagnosed with breast cancer one month after turning 40. She chose to undergo a bilateral mastectomy and a five-month process of reconstruction “during which I was forced to make crazy decisions about my body that should be reserved for Twilight Zone episodes. (Maybe you can relate.)” 

Some chapters include:

  • Open to the Front: The Humbling Experience of Showing Your Boobs to So Many People
  • It’s Not a Boob Job: The Distinct Differences Between Reconstruction and Augmentation
  • I Feel Ugly: Grieving the Loss of Your Breasts and Discovering a New Normal

1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime, but this is not just another cancer book. Breast cancer survivor Kim Harms combines her own experience with extensive research and walks readers through the process of mastectomy and breast reconstruction, weighing the pros and cons, detailing the physical and emotional costs, and laying out the questions cancer fighters need to ask to be their own best advocate. 

With a foreword by the medical director of Katzmann Breast Center and chapters on everything from the vulnerable feeling of exposing your breasts to “everyone” to the distinctions between reconstruction and augmentation (trust us, it’s not a boob job!), Life Reconstructed is the compassionate, honest roadmap every breast cancer fighter needs on her journey to recovery.